SUS Berlin is not just a vintage shop. It’s a new way of thinking, a different view on the fashion industry. It’s right in the middle of the fashion revolution, feminine empowerment and sustainability. 

You can find high quality suits & blazers that were transformed from men’s into women*s. Every piece is unique. Every piece is handpicked, tailored by a local seamstress and professionally cleaned in Berlin.


the woman behind SUS Berlin

“My idea was to make second hand clothing attractive, to make sustainability fun and to do something on my own. I’m born and raised in Berlin and I freaking love the city. Living in sparkling Kreuzberg, where flea markets and vintage shops are just around every corner, I’m thrilled to find the good stuff in between the chaos to give it a new twist and a new life.

You can imagine that I have a thing for suits and blazers as I think they are an all time classic and pimping up every outfit. In my opinion simply every woman needs a nice suit and a favorite blazer in her life. 

High quality and long lasting textiles are very important to me when it comes to clothing. That’s why I love old suits and blazers so much because they have super high quality standards from back in the days. Today’s suits are often made in factories with cheap yarns and even when good materials like wool, cashmere or cotton are used, they choose those with short fibers and thus a short lifetime.

Since I studied Industrial Engineering and Management with focus on resource management I know how cruel (not only) the fashion industry is. I really think there is a movement in in the right direction but you have to be careful with fake sustainability nowadays. With SUS Berlin I want to be part of the REAL sustainable movement by not producing brand new stuff but using what’s there and already good, by getting everything sewed and cleaned by local workers for a fair wage and by reducing the packaging to its minimum.”