[…]Defined by the attempt to give vintage treasures a new life in a more modern and feminine way, the mission of SUS BERLIN is to prove that sustainability can be fun while giving customers a piece full of confidence to wear every day.[…]

We are back❤️‍🔥 My time abroad is over and slowly we are starting with re-designing blazers, suits and sets again! Mostly classic grey and black will be the upcoming looks - some with colorful details🪡

Stay tuned and send a DM for custom orders 💌 

X Leonie

P.S.: Smoking kills

models @minaissay @irisdoreen 
video @shotsbypll 
h&m @christinsperlichmuah 
styling @romy.pauline 
cd @sus.berlin
that’s how you roll into the weekend 🐕
model @minaissay 
photo @shotsbypll 
h&m @christinsperlichmuah 
styling @romy.pauline 

leather outfit by @homefullofclothes
@minaissay in all black ♣️
shot by @shotsbypll 
h&m @christinsperlichmuah 
styling @romy.pauline 

leather pants and top by @homefullofclothes