[…]Defined by the attempt to give vintage treasures a new life in a more modern and feminine way, the mission of SUS BERLIN is to prove that sustainability can be fun while giving customers a piece full of confidence to wear every day.[…]

My heart project SUS Berlin is coming to an end! Since my working life is shifting soon and I don’t want to do half things, I decided to let go of SUS Berlin and do a final stock sale now!

Owning a sustainable fashion business is hard and even though or actually because the industry is changing towards more sustainability, small businesses which are really making an effort to be 100% sustainable are having difficulties to survive and bigger fast fashion brands who claim to be sustainable are being trusted. What I really don’t understand is how brands like SHEIN can still exist. I understand that people don’t want to or can’t spend a lot on clothing, but within all the sustainability awareness, should it not be clear that it’s better to buy less and spend more (for sustainability) per piece?

Leaving this thought out here, I’m so grateful for this exciting journey, getting to work with @stefaniegiesinger @vanellimelli @himbeersahnetorte and exhibiting @derberlinersalon 
I want to thank everyone who supported me!💌

X Leonie
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